Television and Overweight Essay

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Child Studies Essay Television and Overweight Tracey Jones Children spend a substantial amount of their lives watching television. The big question is by allowing our children to be raised by the television are we helping our children become overweight? Three things that have been questioned in contributing to television and overweight are 1) not enough physical activity, 2) increased eating while watching TV, 3) having a lazy metabolism. The relationship between television viewing and obesity has been examined by many people parents and professionals alike. Children who spend too much time in front of the television are not getting enough physical activity, getting up to go to the kitchen or bathroom is not enough exercise for a child in the run of a day. In today’s society children spend more time playing video games or watching trash whereas in my day children spent all the time we could outside riding bikes catching frog’s things that required physical movement. Children watching television all day are more likely to consume an unhealthy amount of calories and fat causing their bodies to become slow and lazy. With all the food commercials that are on television today children think that they are hungry when they are really not. Television plays repeated commercials about snacks and fast food causing children to want things that they do not need. This causes children to eat unhealthy foods. Children consuming too many calories cause their metabolism to run slow meaning their bodies are not digesting at a rate they should be. In conclusion human beings have repeat shown throughout history that knowing what is best for them and the desire to follow through on what is best, is often replaced with what is easiest and requires the least amount of effort. Our battle therefore is too strive to be contributors to the benefit of man then just consumers

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