Television and Children Essay

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Television and Children Michelle R. Jones COM/172 Elements of University Composition and Communication II August 18, 2014 Karen Lawler Television and Children Did you know that our children spend about 4.5 hours a day watching television? Some of us are even guilty of using television as a babysitter; whether our children are using the television to watch a DVD, Netflix or just playing video games a large amount of our children’s time is being spent in front of the television. Parents, have you ever stopped to think what impact television has on our kids’ developmental growth; or how they react to society? With all the violence and sex on television; how does this influence our child’s lives? Even the cartoons our children watch are violent! How much good can come from our children watching too much television? I remember growing up we only had two televisions; one in the family room and the other one was in our parents’ room; our television shows were monitored. Now there are televisions in every room of the house; this includes our kids’ bedrooms; and yes parents no one is monitoring who is watching what. We can put parental controls on their televisions; but even some of the “G” and “PG13” movies are questionable with the violence and sex that are shown in movies with these ratings. What can parents do to decrease the amount of television children watch? The negative impact of watching too much television is effecting our children’s physical and social development and clouding their decision making process to real life issues. Television has gone from being a “novelty to a permanent fixture in 99% of American households” (; we have gone from having three major networks (ABC, CBS & NBC) to having 100’s of cable channels. Network television went from showing sitcoms such as “Growing Pains,” “Punky Brewster,” “What’s

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