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The Great Invention The television is a wonderful thing. An endless amount of shows and programs of all genres can be seen with the touch of a button. Although it is an overall benefit to society, it can be abused. The television is a great way of keeping people informed and educated. A message can be shared throughout a country or even the world because of the television. Many people can relate and communicate, because of the things they have seen televised. The television updates many people on important topics, such as politics and even weather. People can be confident in their government, because many of their decisions are broadcasted across the country. The television helps keep people informed. Also, by being informed people can make wiser decisions. Weather alerts can save people’s lives. By warning a specific area of an upcoming natural disaster, people can choose to evacuate or prepare themselves for what’s to come. The television also offers a wide variety of educational programs. Fitness, health, and how-to programs can educate people of how to take care of themselves, and how to make simple things. Learning how to make projects can be a cheap and convenient way of living. Through the wide variety of television programs, the television keeps people informed, safe, and educated. Not only does the television offer many informative or educational programs, but it offers much more. The television brings people together. Many families place it in the living room, making it accessible to everyone in the family and invited guests. This is an easy way to bring friends and family together. Not only that, but the television is a great inexpensive way to bond. Instead of going out for a movie and spending almost fifty dollars or more, families can stay home and bond by having a movie night. The television not only offers great movies, but intense season finales,

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