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Although television has existing in India since 60’s it was mainly considered luxury for the rich and main stream people never really accepted it. First memoirs of watching TV as a child was in late 70’s / early 80’s.Television programs were broadcasted in black and white back then. One of programs I vividly remember watching was called “Chhayageet” or Chitrahaar which was basically videos of popular Indian films songs played for about an hour. Watching a program on Television would be a major social event during those times as all neighborhood kids as well as elders would get together in one neighborhood household to watch the event.As very few households had privilege of owning television then. In the 1980’s when color TV was introduced by state-owned broadcaster Doordarshan (DD) timed with the 1982 Asian Games which India hosted. It then proceeded to install transmitters nationwide rapidly for terrestrial broadcasting. In this period no private enterprise was allowed to set up TV stations or to transmit TV signals. Second major event I remember watching was the 1983 Cricket World Cup finals between India and West-Indies. Although they didn’t transmit any other matches, they just showed finals live since India was in the finals. I have vivid images of Indian bowling session’s play firstly I remember Indian captain and now legend Kapil Dev running behind and taking a spectacular catch to dismiss Vivian Richards. And secondly Mohinder Amarnath bowling slow medium and taking 3 wickets and thus paving a way for India to win their only world cup so far. No Indian cricket fan can ever forget black and white images of Kapil Dev opening up champagne bottle and holding the 1983 Cricket world cup. Entertainment programs were few and far between. And when the solitary few soaps like Hum Log (1984), and mythological dramas: Ramayana (1987-88) and Mahabharata (1988-89) were

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