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Victoria Sansome LLD2 22 March 2011 Television's Affects Television has increasingly become more and more damaging to viewers and their interaction with the real world. In the article "Television: The Plug-in Drug," by Marie Winn, she states that television is destroying lives, family relationships, real life relationships, and most of all children development. We spend too much time in front of the television and not enough time communicating with real human relationships. I believe that television negatively affects viewers due to the lack of human relations and the affects it has on children, but it also can have a positive affect if used in moderation. When excessive television is watched, people tend to create relationships with the characters, rather than real life relationships with humans. The author stresses how important eye contact is when talking to people. If eye contact is not used, the conversation can have lack of meaning, trust and authenticity. This also applies to children when learning communication skills and eye contact at a young age. Television also affects children in a negative way when watched too much. The more time watching television leads to the less time children read and study. This ultimately leads to the worse they preform academically and in social situations in the real world. A study at John Hopkins University shows that children in third grade (8 years old) who had television in their bedroom, scored much lower on standardized tests than those who did not have sets in their rooms. Having a television in a kid's room results in more television watching, and less one on one contact with the real world, which children need at such a young age. Television can not only lower test scores, but also can increase the rate of childhood obesity along with aggressive or depressed behavior. Although television can have

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