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NOTE: This schedule designates the exam time for the 13 official class times as listed in the Elon University Schedule of Classes. Classes scheduled at other times will give the final examination with the nearest official class time. Questions about exams for class times not listed on this sheet should be directed to the appropriate College or School Dean. EXAM ABSENCE and RESCHEDULING POLICIES The university expects students to attend examinations as scheduled. Dates and times for final exams may not be changed for a class without prior approval from the appropriate Department Chairperson. The chair will notify the assistant vice president for academic affairs of course exam modifications when they are granted. Under certain circumstances, adjustments to the individual student's completion of final examination may be made. Multiple Exams on One Day: If a student has three (3) exams scheduled for the same day, he/she may secure a "Change Request Form" from the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE. This change request form must be completed and returned to the Registrar's Office by 5:00 p.m. on the last day of classes before exams. Medical Reasons a. Medical Emergency Students who have completed sufficient work to complete a course but who become ill or injured just prior to or during the final exam period should contact the assistant vice president for academic affairs in the provost's office (Alamance 120) to present verification. The AVPAA will notify instructors of the student's situation. As soon as they are able, students should contact individual instructors to discuss arrangements for completing work. In cases where the instructor is no longer employed at Elon after the end of the semester, the student should contact the department chairperson. b. Medical Leave of Absence (WD). If a student has a documented medical condition that has impacted his/her ability

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