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The Role Television Plays in the Socialization Process Student’s Name Institution of Learning The Role Television Plays in the Socialization Process The level of technical development in modern society made television commonly accessible, easy to use, and cheap. If initially its main functions were entertaining informative, presently it promotes certain behavioral patterns and ideologies. The question is how we should treat these effects with regard to socialization. The process of socialization is predetermined by external (social institutions, culture, time, family, etc.) and internal (age, gender, personal characteristics, views, etc.) factors. The influence of television comes from outside (external) and results into adoption of opinions, social standards, moral and cultural values, ways of life, which a person applies further in reality. The most susceptible to imitating such patterns are children as they do not have their own life experience and staunch principles. Television affects children via its actual content – the programming. It can be viewed from different points thus it has its pros and cons. On the one hand, television contributes to a child’s education, provides him/her with the latest information around the world and cultivates certain cultural and social beliefs. On the other hand, television is non-interactive means of socialization, which offers no communicative exchange. Social skills remain unpracticed leading to inappropriate social behavior and disorientation in the real conditions. It puts a child into a passive position and allows for no experiment and exploration. Moreover, the image of the world often appears in a distorted manner and prevents from adequate perception of reality. In my opinion, among various types of mass media, television performs the most influential role

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