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Television has become major part of our life. We spend more time watching television than at any other activities except sleep and occupational duties. The quantity of time people use watching television is surprising. On average, persons in the developed world watch about 21 hours per week, which translates into nine years in front of the tube in a regular lifetime. An adult of American watches 3 to 4 hour of television per day also, children spend more time watching television than at any other waking activity. Kids and young people (ages 2–17) view television about 19 hour and 40 min per week. Television deeply comes into our life. Our life has dramatically changed with television. As television went into each household, there were many positive and negative phenomenons. In the modern world, we can not imagine without television. We can get many information and enjoyment from television. If we got rid of it right now, our life would be inconvenienced and bored. We would not able to hear forecast prediction and our society news. Also, we would not know how we spend our much free time for entertainment. Like this, Information gleaned from television is an important part of our knowledge of how individuals act, behave, look, and feel One of the most examined features of television is gender-role stereotyping. Study after study has found that women are under-represented and that most television characters are gender-typed. Two cultivation analyses focusing on gender roles examined children’s responses to questions that dealt with gender-role attitudes and behaviors. The questions that were related to gender-role attitudes asked if certain chores (i.e., wash or dry the dishes, mow the lawn, take out the garbage, help with the cooking, clean the house, help with small repairs around the house, and make the bed) should be done by boys only, girls only, or either girls

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