Telescopes in Astronomy Essay

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Telescopes have really opened our eyes much wider into the knowledge of the universe. In the beginning of times telescopes showed that our Earth is not the center of the universe because those were the beliefs beforehand. Telescopes also showed the surface of the moon and how it was hilly and mountainous and had craters all over it (Mason, 2008). With more time telescopes showed the geography and climate of the entire solar system. Telescopes helped discover many new planets and asteroids which ultimately led to the theory of the speed of light, Telescopes have helped astronomers understand gravity and its role on the Earth (Mason, 2008). With further viewing from the telescope it also showed us that light here on earth radiates from our Sun and all the other stars in our universe. Had we not have had the telescopes we would still be very behind on research of all the planets which are not accessible by any human or machine to this day. In the very early ages of human life the earth and world was viewed much differently mainly ruled by religion and the views of religion. People were less educated and much easier to be controlled. Science in the new age has really helped people understand the new age much more in detail. The modern Hubble Space Telescope has provided evidence that we have many billion galaxies and that each of the galaxies contains billions of stars which are a lot like our sun (Mason, 2008). Some even other advanced telescopes give us the opportunity to study and research the universe by heat and radio waves and even in some cases x-rays. Now we have used telescopes to find new planets which are found around the stars. I believe that future telescopes will be much more advance and might be able to give us a look at other life if it exists in the universe. It has been a question that has not been answered but always questioned. Many earth like

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