Telephoto Lens

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BY NOW YOU SHOULD KNOW THE FOLLOWING TERMS/ PEOPLE. If you do not, look them up. The FILM ART book has a comprehensive glossary. Persistence of vision: the phenomenon that produces the illusion of movement when viewing motion pictures. Gesantkunstwerk: life as a total work of art Soviet Montage: used the power of editing to manipulate the emotions of the spectator Editing: Graphic: Line, shape, dark, light Rhythmic: Tempo, gesture Spatial: fragments that build space eyeline, on a 180 degree axis Temporal: Flashback. Fantasy Elongation/compression of action for dramatic effect Continuity editing: to smooth over the inherent discontinuity of the editing process…show more content…
High key lighting: illumination that creates little contrast between light and dark areas of the shot. Shadows are fairly transparent and brightened by fill light Low key lighting: illumination that creates strong contrast between light and dark areas of the shot, with deep shadows and little fill light Classical Hollywood Style: are terms used in film history which designates both a visual and sound style for making motion pictures and a mode of production Film Form: the over all system of relations that we can perceive among the elements in a whole
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