Telecommuting for Everyone Essay

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Advance Business Writing February 24, 2014 Telecommuting/ Teleworking Provided to Everyone Telecommuting/ teleworking has become very popular within the federal government in the most recent years. The concern is not allowing all eligible employees with the same option to telecommute/ telework. My study will provide you with the pros/ cons of why every eligible employee should be provided with this option. The study will evaluate the difference in productivity levels for telecommuting verses going to the office. How do the distractions of the office and everyday life affect the productivity of telecommuting/ teleworking and the office? In addition, my study will provide you with procedures to follow telecommute/ telework. Interviews will be taken with people from different agencies who already telecommute /telework and by others who have opinions of the subject matter. The productivity and cost are analyzed by reviewing weekly data that has been collected from management. The employees will be able to review the different aspects of working in the office from telecommuting/ teleworking to make a decision as to if this is a great for them and management. The Telework Enhancement Act was established in 2009, which requires each executive agency to establish a policy by which employees may be authorized to telework to the maximum extent possible without diminishing employee performance or agency operations. Both the House and the Senate did not pass this bill until the year of 2010. The Telework Enhancement Act has three objects: to improve continuity of operations, promote management effectiveness, and enhance work-life balance. Telecommuting/ teleworking can bring some negative aspects of communication, productivity, extra expenses and discipline of the employees because their home environment may not always be easy to work

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