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Telecommuting ENG122 July 14, 2014 Telecommuting a Growing Trend With today's technology, a telecommuter’s office is no longer restricted to the walls of their workplace. The traditional workplace has seen many changes in the past decade, among which telecommuting stands out as the most promising trend to grow. With that in mind, the most important factor for telecommuting to be successful is communication. Including, technologies such as computers with high-speed internet email, voicemail, fax, and video conferencing has made staying in contact with the office much easier to do. Working at home is a job opportunity that many workers would dream about being able to do. Certainly, without telecommuting where, would the workplace be today? Telecommuting is a rising practice for many companies, and predicted to become even more widespread in the next decade. Nevertheless, over the past three decades telecommuting has become a shared practice in the workplace for many. However, the overall the acceptance of telecommuting is not showing the same growth with everyone. By considering telecommuting, or working from home, the employer will become familiar with the benefits of having flexibility in the workplace. For that reason, education on telework is essential before implementing it in the office. Telecommuting is performing work duties or working from a workplace other than the central corporate office. This is where technology plays an important role. As a result, technology, among other things, has and will continue to shape the future of telecommuting. Technology provides the means by which telecommuters communicate with, and stay connected to the office, and it also provides the means by which telecommuters get their work done while at home(Handy, 1996). For many telecommuters, work is not just a place to go, but also an activity that to

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