Telecommuting Essay

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What is telecommuting, and why would anyone want to either be employed by or employ others to work from their home? The telecommuting employees are “Salaried employees of an organization replace or modify the commute by working at home or a location closer to home than the regular workplace, generally using ICT to support productivity and communication with the supervisor, co-workers, clients, and other colleagues.” (Hoang, Nickerson, Beckman, & Eng, 2008) While some may say that in order to function properly in a workplace you have to be in the workplace, with minor adjustments in technology on both the employer’s and employee’s part telecommuting has become a proven, viable way for businesses to continue to function profitably while their workforce remains able to reduce the stress of commuting on their personal and family lives. Studies show that the cost of setting up a potential telecommuting situation for an employer and their employee is dependent upon the existing technology level of the employer and potential telecommuting employees, the type of security network required to safeguard the data transmitted between them and the size of the operation. Developing and maintaining remote servers and secure internet connections and computer maintenance and proper planning also come into play when figuring the financial outlay for companies of all sizes when preparing for telecommuting to enter into their business plans. If an employer has a preexisting computer infrastructure including base units and server capabilities it can decrease the startup costs of a telecommuting operation. For small businesses the investment could be as little as $30 to $50 per telecommuting employee providing their own home equipment, internet connection and technology. For larger businesses this cost can grow to $2000 or more per employee depending on the level of necessary

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