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Redesign of Work Relationships The spread of telecommuting would see a dilution of the separation between work and life, and render the concept of fixed working hours, and weekends redundant. People can spend more time with their families, leading to lesser breakdown of martial relationships and ensure better familial ties, which can change society for the better. Challenges While the possibilities remain endless, the ability of telecommuting to affect a paradigm shift in the concept of work just as the industrial revolution did depends on resolution of some key challenges. The primary challenge is psychological, especially for the male. Man is accustomed to disassociating himself from home, with the society considering males who spend too much time at home rather than conquering the outside world. A secondary challenge is the willingness of the society to embrace change rather than foster regulations to resist the changes brought about by telecommuting, and the ability of people to adapt to telecommuting successfully without succumbing to adverse consequences such as working longer or more unsocial hours, or suffering owing to reduced face-to-face interactions with other employees. Problems in telecommuting There are many benefits to working from home – you avoid rush hour traffic, save money on gas, control your work environment and can say goodbye to uncomfortable business attire. But there is a few minor problems during work arrangement and most likely when dealing with client, 1st thing is 1. Distractions Lack of a routine Increased workload Isolation Out of sight, out of mind Communication problems Data security Limited equipment Inability to separate work and home life Dealing with distrustful employers how co-workers feel about telecommuting? Conserving Energy Preserves Our Environment by reducing land use requirements

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