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Telecommuting is an attractive alternative to office work for many people. Agree or disagree. As new information technologies emerge, the new ways of doing business comes into action. And it is pertinent to telecommuting. First of all, the definition must be provided in order to understand the subject of controversy. In my opinion, telecommuting is the method of work organization that enables employees to work from home or any other place that is acceptable, even from cafeteria. This is useful system of work agreement and it provides some benefits for the particular employee as well as for the employer’s organization. Let’s discuss benefits. It is quite clear from the side of worker. First benefit is comfortable environment – it enables somebody to work even during sitting on the park bench and breathing fresh air. The other arguments in favor of telecommuting are concerned with workplace journey. And again, it touches the worker’s comfort. It is inconvenient to stay on the bus stop for 15 or more minutes and then, if you are lucky, get in crowded bus. On the other hand, if you own a car, nowadays it is quite costly to use it for everyday needs. In both cases there is a need to spend specified time span to get to the workplace and, in the evening, to get back. Usually such journeys last from 1 to 3 hours per day. This time can be used more efficiently. That is the case of telecommuting. During those hours it is possible to write a short article and get $5 instead of wasting time. These points are provided for the example of the telecommuting on the permanent basis as well as on the regular basis, e.g. few days per month. There are some disadvantages, but I see them only on the side of employer. This is my own opinion, but it matter for me a lot - your boss can’t make you to bring him some coffee. Telecommuting is not acceptable for all types of work. But

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