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Telecommuting Strayer University PHI 210 Dr. Norman Flowers June 10, 2012 Telecommuting The way the world does business has changed forever telecommuting has become the way of life. Telecommuting will be the new way that jobs are performed in the next ten years. Telecommunications is the way we communicate with others around the world. It is a cost effective way to get the job done and companies do not have to spend the money going all over the world. Since employees can work right from home, the rate of employees working from home has increased in the last few years and it will continue to grow in the future. Companies that have at least 100 employees working from home half the time or more can save employers $1 million a year according to Telework Research Network's (TRN) latest study of corporations telecommuting and their benefits. “TRN looked at more than 250 case studies, research papers and other documents on telework (also called telecommuting and work shifting), and combined that with interviews with companies, researchers and more to figure out how telecommuting benefits employers, employees, the environment and communities.” (Staff, 2010) Most people know someone who works from home; it is very common these days. Telecommuting helps people that cannot drive, people that are in wheelchairs, people that never thought they would be able to work and now they can. Speaking with one such individual, who works at home for Human Insurance as a claims adjustor I was encouraged that telecommuting is good for the employee and employer. She said she saves money on gas, and food, it is like getting a pay raise. She is very happy working at home and she said, “ This is just the beginning of a new way for business to stay competitive.” (Pierce, 2012) It is also very good for the environment, it takes an incredible amount of energy to

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