Telecommunication Homework Chapter 1 Essay

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Denish Thomas Pf. Smith ITN 100 01/18/2012 Assignment 1, Chapter 1 Q1. Define information lag and discuss its important. The delay in the transmission of message from one point to another is known as information lag. It has a huge important in our today’s life. The collapsing of information lag has benefited us from the facility of accessing the information within in a second, regardless of our physical location. Today we are able to communicate easily and quickly with the people living all around the world from our very own room, which is all because of the collapsing in information lag. Q2. What is circuit? The circuit is the pathway through which the message travels. It is usually a copper wire. Q3. What is a client? The client is the input-output hardware device at the user end of a communication circuit. It typically provides user with access to the network and the data and software on the server. Q4. What is server? The server stores data or software that can be accessed by the clients. Q5. List the 5 layers in the internet network models? The 5 layers in the internet network models are - The physical layer - The date link layer - The network layer - The transport layer and - The application layer. Q6. When was the internet created? The internet was created in 1969 by the U.S Department of Defense as a network of four computers called ARPANET. Its goal was to link a set of computers operated by several universities doing military research. Q7. When was the World Wide Web created? The World Wide Web was created in 1991. Q8. Who created the World Wide Web? Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-lee created the World Wide

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