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Tecumseh Paragraph Analysis In Tecumseh’s, the Shawnee leader, Sell a Country! Why Not Sell the Air?, he expresses his opposition towards the white men forcing the Native Americans out of their homes and addresses the Native Americans selling land to the whites by implementing an accusatory and adamant tone within the passage. Tecumseh accuses the white men of taking the land of the Indians through impractical means which would eventually force them out of their homes. Tecumseh reveals that the white men are “driving the red people, when at last you will drive them into the great lake [Lake Michigan], where they can neither stand nor work.” Even if the Native Americans strongly disagree with their relocation, they are still eagerly removed and left onto an area where . Tecumseh also explains that it is the American’s wish to “prevent the Indians from doing as [they] wish for them, to unite and let them consider their lands as a common property.” Not only does Tecumseh accuse the white people, but he also intends to confront the Native Americans who attempted to sell the land. With strong resolution, Tecumseh announces that “No tribe has the right to sell, even to each other, much less to strangers.” He also uses firm diction to point out that in the future, the Native Americans are “prepared to punish those who propose to sell land to the Americans.” Overall Tecumseh expresses his opinion on the forced relocation of Native Americans by employing an accusatory and adamant tone while

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