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Tefl Essay

  • Submitted by: jaquellaeckles
  • on November 20, 2013
  • Category: English
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Unit 16, Task 6
Eckles, Jaquella

Teacher:   Jaquella Eckles|Room: 312                  |
Observer:   n/a          |Expected numbers: 12|
Date & Time: 10/29/2013 |Class level:   Advanced|
Context: revision of verb tenses to bring out reported speech |Focus: Reported speech|
Teaching aids: News clip[->0], worksheet, board markers, board|
Learner objectives: For students to understand and accurately produce reported speech when talking about a current event (Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan)|Personal aims: Calling students by name instead of just pointing and/or nodding my head|
Anticipated problems for students: Students fearful of not answering correctly |Solution: Drill verb tenses and reported speech|
Anticipated problems for teacher: Participation low due to lack of confidence|Solution: Prepared with thought provoking and interesting engage activity and interactive activate stage. |
Show a news clip of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) expose student to disaster's approach ask questions eg What could the residents' have done to prepare for such a storm? What would you do in that situation? Have you ever been in a natural disaster?Review verb tenses|Engage|555|T-ST-S|
Media interview: Pair students 'Reporters' have mock interviews with 'victims' of said typhoon; asking them questions regarding their preparation, readiness, and after shock and then reporting their findings to the media. Students are required to use reported speech format and reporting verbsExample sentences: She admitted that she had wished she had listened to the authorities about evacuating. Many residents stated they had had enough! **Take notes of any mistakes/errors|Activate|210|T-SS-S|
Address and review mistakes/errors madeDirect Speech to Reported Speech worksheet Explain, handout, discuss write answers on boardDrill reported speech using completed worksheet |Study|373|T-SS-ST-S|
Relief worker interview: Group students into three 'Reporters'...

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