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Ad Analysis THE INVISIBLE ORTHODONTIST Straight teeth, no braces Advertisements are created to persuade people to buy something such as cars, food, clothes etc. and/or to change their behaviour or views about something like, choosing a different product, stop smoking etc. The advertisement I chose for this assignment was an ad for The Invisible Orthodontist promoting invisible dental fixtures. Audience - People are always going to be attracted to beautiful people, places and things. Physical attractiveness can have a significant effect on how people are judged in terms of employment or social opportunities, friendship and relationships. In the advertisement for The Invisible Orthodontist, it targets women, and even men who are concerned about their physical appearance. The ad for The Invisible Orthodontist attempts to appeal to its audience sense of emotion, mainly a woman’s sense of beauty and a man’s sense of confidence. Visual features - The advertisement for The Invisible Orthodontist appears vibrantly. It consists of a main picture of a beautiful young woman with natural, brunette hair and a big smile. This woman appears in front of a blue ‘heaven-like’ glow thus showing that The Invisible Orthodontist promotes a bright, clean, white and new smile. There is a paragraph of information relevant to the reader educating the audience of its product and how it works. The ad shows a face of a smiling woman who appears to be very happy and enjoying herself because of her beautiful smile. It mostly focuses on the smile and the fact that she’s been photographed half naked signifying a very natural appearance with barely any makeup on either. The picture as a whole, concentrates on the woman’s confidence. The colors that appear in the advertisement are bright and attractive to the eyes. Even the woman in the ad has a bright smile complemented with a pink

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