Teens on Fad Diets

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Modern health is an exceptionally broad subject because within it there is an abundance of topics. For our presentation, we have decided to analyse the effects of fad diets on teenage girls. First, an explanation of fad diets is required. The majority of them are not scientifically proven and only the most devoted dieter is able to keep on the fads. Most have ads which feature people who have success stories, though those people are usually the few lucky ones. After finishing one, the majority of people proceed to regain the loss weight, some even adding on extra pounds. Fad diets are just that, fads. They go in and out of style, while the steps to actually being healthy never go out. Many question why a teen with a normal weight would wish to go on a fad diet. The answer is media. Slim models are the cover on almost every teen magazine, superstars are Photoshopped into thinness, and if a girl isn’t anorexic thin, she is considered to be fat by her peers. Often times, teens also diet because they feel bad about themselves. Most teens who try fad diets feel fat even when they aren’t, have self-esteem issues, and feel as though they have less control over their lives in general. When one group of teens were given quality-of-life test and self-esteem test, normal weight children who believed they were fat scored as poorly as children who really were obese. And normal-weight children who felt fat actually scored worse on family relationship questions than obese children. As a result, those teens that felt they were fat turned to the things that they constantly see on T. V., the things that boast of millions of success stories - fad diets. Feeling as though it is the only way to gain respect from their peers and even family members, the young adults ruined their health. In one study completed by the National Centers for disease control and prevention, more than one third

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