Teens Misuse of Technology Essay

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Teens misuse of Technology Technology in today’s generation plays a huge part in teen’s life around the world. Everywhere you go, you will see teens with some kind of technology devices with them. It does not matter if it is a smartphone, ipod, ipad, or a tablet. Technology is surrounded by teens. With technology they would not be able to get half of their things done like homework assignment or research for a school paper. Technology has become a central force that “fuels the rhythm of daily life.” However, teens are beginning to take advantages and using them in wrong way. Overall, teen’s use of technology affects them in a negative way because of less interaction, distraction, and no filtration. Nowadays, when teens come home from school, they first thing they do is log on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter which leads to less interaction. It is becoming a lot more common to chat online or send a text message rather than communicating in person. The article “Kids Overusing Technology May Lead to an Anti-Social Media Trend” clearly shows that: According to Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist, Rachel Scharlepp “’Kids are texting frequently, they are talking a lot more, talking about things they maybe would not talk about face to face in good and bad ways.‘” A new research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project also shows that average teens send about 60 text messages per day. This is also affecting the teens in the real world too. Teens nowadays are having hard times getting jobs because they are not used to small talks and giving accurate details or information. Technology is also becoming distraction for teens. When at school, you’ll see teens looking down at their smartphone or ipod constantly texting or listening to music. When the teacher are not looking or teaching a lesson on the board, teens will sneak out their
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