Teens and Technology

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In this world's society, technology plays a huge role in almost everything about our world. From the first radio to touch screen cell phones. Some would say that having this kind of technology is a very bad thing. I would like to argue against that, for I don't think it is a bad thing at all and Teens and Technology by Charlene Kemper is and exaggeration. Firstly, I think that our advance in technology is a good thing because of how it connects the world. While Kemper and others may say that it tears the way human beings should act apart, I very much disagree. I think that you can talk to many more people than you normally would through technology and people who are out of state. In a way it is a really good thing. It can turn anti-social people into social people. It can connect the world through a screen, which I think is very cool. Secondly, I think that having technology skills is a valuable skill in life. You will find that most of our youth are the teachers to the skill of technology. Our youth is very intelligent when it comes to technology and that can be incredibly valuable. You need technology in many jobs. You may have to work with computers a lot, phones, or even something as basic as a stove is even considered technology if you think about it. We need technology if you have not noticed. It is a part of our daily lives. We need it to cook things, to warm or cool our houses, and to keep ourselves entertained so we wont go crazy. As you can see, technology really does play a huge role in our world's society at the current moment. From having it as a necessity to just keeping this world socially connected it is super important. Take a look at the kind of things you use on a regular basis. You probably use technology so I think nobody should question the importance of

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