Teens and Technology Essay

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Teens and Technology From our social society, research shows that more teens exposed to technology have been improved and impacted mentally and physically. The use of the internet to video games and cell phones, teens find themselves in a whole different world then reality. The more they are revolved in the technology world facts show that teens are involved in harming themselves and others. Technology has seem to be getting the best of teens in many ways that it is difficult to prevent them to be exposed to too much so soon. The social issues of the future will show that teens will be spending more time on the internet or on their cell phones or other tasks of socializing. Teens interact and communicate with one another through chat rooms, emailing, and playing internet games. Now technology installs camera or telephone for the computers where one can talk and see at the same time with the person they are having a conversation with. All teens go through a certain stage where they want to be part of a group, a club or a circle of friends/posse and feel updated with the conversations everyone could be talking about. For instances, a person didn’t go on the social networks for an entire day and missed his/her opportunity to be apart of this big party that a popular person is throwing. That next day he/she see that they missed their chance of being apart of the crowd or being like everybody else and not being the outsider. With just the effort of turning on the computer and the click of the mouse, surfing through the internet and chat rooms anyone could meet a total stranger with the same interest, hobby, gender, race and much more. One can say that technology is a savior to all human beings, without it one couldn’t do his/her research paper or find ways to interact or communicate with people. But really is technology the savior or is a disruption of life.

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