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Imagine hearing on nowadays news, "Teenagers who police say went on a video-game-inspired late-night crime spree were arraigned Thursday after they mugged a man outside a New Hyde Park supermarket and menaced motorists in Garden City with a baseball bat, a crowbar and a broomstick, Nassau[, Long Island] police said, " (http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/crimprof_blog/2008/06/cops-grand-thef.html). Well unfortunately, this was a real case. In today's time, the controversial topic of how the influence of video games is affecting children is always on the up rise. Video games have been affecting children in all sorts of areas all across the nation, and even the world. Some negative influences video games have brought unto children which soon take out their feelings and emotions as teenagers. Some of these negative influences are: doing less academic work, criminal actions, pornography and rape, and even indirectly - their physical well being. To get started, many public officials, psychologists, professors, etc. are agreeing with the fact that video games are a bad influence on children. "Jeanette South-Paul, a physician and professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Family Medicine, said studies had shown that these children put less effort into school work, had poor reading skills, did not play well with other children and tended to be overweight " (Kansas City Star). Jeanette speaks for many parents because students that do well in school don't play as much video games as students that don't do as well in school (grade wise). Also, "A steady dose of violence in... video games is poisoning the minds and affecting the behavior of our children, experts said Tuesday at a forum in Leawood, Kan." (Kansas City Star), which means that students are getting more aggressive as they play violent video games. Someone else who agrees that video games

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