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& why not? I just wonder whether the (mis) typing of the question was deliberate on the part of the questioner..... But then I would trype that, wouldn't I, being the cynic that I am. I think the simple answer to the question is this means: the Internet, something our parents, even the parents of todays teenagers barely dreamt of. Failing that the questioner should sound out his or her peers and try to evaluate just how worldwise they are & then try to make a valued judgment with regard to parents & others of previous generations. But worldly wisdom is a very nebulous concept, so I wish you well in your…show more content…
It seems to me a debate such as this could be a whole lot of fun if it were teens debating their parents in a formal debate. Teenagers today are far too often dismissed as being a part of some overall problem rather than being acknowledged for who they really are, which is the future of this world and they are as much a part of the solution today as they will be long after JR and myself are long gone. They are every bit as powerful as their parents or adults and they are every bit as frustrating as many parents bemoan. In this debate of the "worldlywise" demeanor of teens vs their parents, I still plea for an effort by teens to embrace the classic literature, poetry, plays and philosophy that generations before you have embraced as knowledge is something we discover and not what we make. It is fine to enter into a debate about an issue if you are well informed on the matter, it is another matter entirely to enter that debate simply because you have an

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