Teenagers And Tattoos

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“On teenagers and tattoos” In the article about “teenagers and tattoos” the writer talks about the usual groups of adolescents who normally get tattoos, and also talks about the psychological issues that the adolescent could have, in which directs the adolescent toward getting a tattoo. Not only to adolescents get tattoos, but when an adolescent decides on getting a tattoo there are many factors that go into their decision; following a trend, peer pressure, and even using tattoos as a way to express themselves, and to feel more independent about their lives and body. The audience of this article would be directed towards psychiatrists as opposed to your basic person. The article was written in June of 1997, and even though the times are different and the fads are not the same today as they were in 1997, there is still one thing in common and that was adolescents getting tattoos on their bodies. In this article it gives facts and opinions, “on teenagers and tattoos”, for instance, when talking about the reasoning for which adolescents tattoo their bodies would be an opinion, no one can really say why someone chose to do something, you can get a good idea by doing surveys and questionnaires but everyone is different. “imagery of a religious, deathly, or skeletal nature, the likeliness of fierce animals or imagined creatures, and the simple inscription of names are some of the time-tested favorite contents for tattoos” [61] The author of this article also used a lot of intellectual jargon in his writing, and may have been directed not only towards other psychiatrists but to well educated-upper class citizens. The author of this article must’ve been well educated in the psychology field and with child development, to be able to come up with such great findings about the cause and effect with adolescents

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