Teenagers and Love Songs Essay

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the love poems, sply the ones read without understanding the deeper meanings that are alluded to by the poet, are read solely because of their lyrical and musical qualities. infact, i would love to read love poems after a tiring day just to relax and be lost in another person's world of fantasy. love poems attract the younger generation so much because it offers an escape from the harsh realities of this world. also, its an escape route from all the responsibilities and expectations that comes with it. for some, its just a means of providing themselves with that extra polish of a sophosticated person, a way to be called 'cool' or 'classy'. for some, its equivalent to listening to their own heartbeats, for the emotions that the poet, caught in the throes of passion, feels are mirrored in their own love lives. in boys, it might be a means to attract and court girls. and in girls, it might be the exact personification of the 'ideal' female, who is, among other things, interested in love poetry. in this age of love songs and raps, of instant hook-ups and break-ups, this interest in love poetry is really applaudable. it shows that people have not really given up on love, that the all pervasive disillusionment with life has not enslaved all, that their's still hope. love poetry's more modren form, songs, are all the rage now and without actually knowing it, every person listens to and recites poetry on a daily basis. poetry has actually come alive in

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