Teenagera Speech Essay

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Teenagers are easily influenced by celebrities. They look up to individuals in the spotlight, seeing them as role models to emulate. At times this can be a good thing. Some celebrities display positive traits which can inspire and motivate young people. At other times celebrities who behave badly by offending people and engaging in illegal activities, affect teenagers in a more negative way, resulting in poor behaviours being copied. Celebrities who present an image of themselves which isn't easily obtainable or realistic can leave teens with a poor body image and low self-esteem. Positive outcome Celebrities that influence teens in a positive manner tend to be respectful of other people, working hard to reach full potential. When teens can see their favourite celebrity moving up the career ladder due to hard work and enthusiasm, they are drawn to do the same. How celebrities are depicted in the media reflects on how they are viewed by society. The effect of media and celebrity coverage Teens who read magazines and newspapers aimed at an audience who are barely educated can come away with a poor impression about what it takes to get to the top. Celebrities in such publications are only shown flaunting physical assets, shopping, wandering along red carpets or living the high life. The effort it took to get there isn't considered. Celebrities and teen peer groups Perhaps the teens most likely to be influenced by celebrities are those who move amongst a social group of a similar age, or who come from a similar background to people in the spotlight they hope to be like. Now that it’s become popular for celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole to be proud of their humble beginnings, it gives hope to teens that don't have the advantages offered by wealth. Celebrities and body image Celebrities are under pressure to look perfect,

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