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All people were or will be a teenager in their lifes. During this times, teenagers want a pink world where they are free. In their dream world, nobody can interfer them and they behave according to their feelings, but when they meet the real world, they see the difference. And then, problems start for them. Their common problems are: being not an adult, being restricted and obligations. The first teenager problem is being not adult. They think that being an adult makes them free. So they try to look like an adult. This thought pushes them to some bad habbits. For example, in my country, starting age of smoking is nearly twelve. Drinking age is almost fourteen and these ages are decreasing from day to day. On the other hand, these behaviours show that they haven't been an adult yet. The second problem is being restricted, in other words, having not enough freedom. In here, parents act the leading role. Parents always try to protect their child. This behaviour usually bores the child and this event becomes a big problem. For example, going out with friends at night usually brings teenager against him or her parents. Moreover, this problem can cause them run away from home. Another problem is obligations. School is a well-known example about obligations for teenagers. Waking up early, studying lessons, being compelled to continue school etc.are so boring. All of them bore teenagers moreover, makes teenagers aggressive. Aften then, arguments with teachers start. And these problems can cause some psychological problems on teenagers. Another example is rules. 'Rules' contain not only school rules. All of rules have some bad effects on teenagers. So that every teenager tend to break rules. In conclusion, being teenager is too difficult because of these problems. Everybody was a teenager in past or will be in future. So that adults know teenager feelings and they should

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