Teenage Suicide in the US on the 90's Essay

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Suicide is a peculiarly human problem. It often occurs nowadays especially teens who suffers from extreme depression. There is no evidence that what seems to be self-destructive behavior in animals is associated with the wish to die. At some stage of evolution, man must have discovered that he can kill not only animals and fellowmen but also himself. It is difficult to imagine man in the future without this potential, which has sometimes been proclaimed as one of the basic human freedoms. Suicidal acts will continue to be committed. There are no prospects that an anti-suicidal substance will be discovered in the foreseeable future. Suicide is experienced as an event in the life of the person who kills himself. It has various psychological and social meanings to those who commit it. As stated in the book written by Thomas Calever, Suicide may be the manifestation of an extreme grief reaction and mean reunion with a deceased person. It may be associated with thoughts of a new and better existence, even of birth. Another definition of suicide is that it is an aggressive act in more than one sense. It is self-assault aiming at self-destruction but it is also meant to destroy something that is, or ought to be, of value to others. It frequently stands for self-punishment but also for revenge.1 Another definition of Suicide that is stated on the book which written by Nikki Goldman is that she describes Suicide as deliberately killing oneself. She also refers this to someone who has killed himself or herself. Additional definition of suicide is that it is the willful taking of one’s own life, contrary to the innate human drive to survive and live. As such, when considered objectively, suicide is a gravely immoral act.2 ---------------------------- 1 Thomas Calever, Secrets about Life. (London: Barewood Publishing,1988),p. 67. 2 Nikki Goldman, Teenage Suicide. (New York:

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