Teenage Substance Abuse Essay

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1 ISSUE - '' PARENTAL INFLUENCE IN TEENAGE SUBSTANCE ABUSE '' . As a society the effects of teenage substance abuse has a major impact on families, communities, and the healthcare system . A number of factors contribute to teenage substance abuse. I chose this , newspaper article from the ABC News online broadcasts. This same news was published in the National News, March, 2011. As research has shown, a major predictive factor for teen substance abuse is the parental influence, and attitudes towards the use and abuse of illegal and legal substances, as I will discuss later. The impact this has on society, justice system, healthcare systems, and individual values and belief systems. This newspaper article represents the evidence is present in our society today. The Australian World Health Organisation study on teen substance abuse revealed a report that , '' the major predictive factor in teen substance use and abuse , is parental use and abuse . '' ( W.H.O. 2010. ). This same study also revealed that, it affects the way people live, their consequent chances of illness and premature death. The conditions people live and die are shaped by political, social, and economic status. These inequity in health occur due to, circumstances in which people grow and live, work, age and the systems put in place to deal with them. The W.H.O., review for '' increased risk factors for substance abuse among teens , 2010. '', defined the risk factors directly related to risk factors are four main determinants. These are; 1. Personal , biological / psychological. 2. Personal , behavioural /attitudinal. 3. Interpersonal relationships. 4. Structural, enviromental / economic. ( W.H.O.) Socio-economic, psychological, cultural, values and beliefs play a large role in teenage substance abuse. It impacts society, ethics,

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