Teenage Girl. Essay

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If you are not a teenage girl living in this cruel society, you truly don’t understand what it’s like. However I can try to explain it to the best of my abilities. Here I am, walking down the halls feeling small and self-conscious. Pulling on my sleeves and staring at the floor beneath my feet. I don’t want your pity. I want you to listen, listen to what girls are forced to live through. Listen to what our cruel society is forcing us to endure. Being a teenage girl is listening to the editors; the editors of vogue, of Cosmopolitan. The people who tell us size two is the new four. It’s everywhere we go, with no escape. Obsessing over our flaws has become a part of who we are. It’s imprinted into our brains like footprints in wet concrete. We ache for the so-called “perfect body” large bust, tight stomach, small thighs, narrow hips and a slim waist. It’s as though we’ve been conditioned. Conditioned by the media to yearn towards being just like our favourite childhood doll, Barbie. For generations girls have been playing with Barbie dolls and many have sought to be just like her; the party girl, career woman, and the beauty queen all wrapped into one. At first glance Barbies seem like a harmless toy; they are pretty and something to entertain your children. However the plastic figure is much more than just a distraction; it’s a bullet to our self-esteem. Girls in their juvenile years are exposed to perfectly manufactured toys, however when they grow up, they quickly realize they do not look like their Barbie dolls. They now have softer stomachs or bulkier legs. When young girls come to the realization that they are not conforming to societal view on perfection they become obsessive, obsessed with becoming their impossibly thin Barbie doll that the media has betrayed as the norm. The media broadcasts the “thin ideal” in everyway that they can. Not only are models
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