Teenage Drug Use Essay

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The problems of teenagers involving drug abuse are primarily caused by stressful life evens, peer pressure, and failure of parents to take their children away from harmful activities. Drug abuse might lead to other issues such as teenage pregnancy or the commission of violent crimes. There are many programs out there to help children once they have gone down the “wrong road”. There needs to me more programs to educate children and teens on the effects of going down the “wrong road”. This program would be more of an intervention programs. I would like to start an outreach program called O.T.H.E.R. That stands for O- on T-the H – higher E –education R – Road. Drug abuse is a very common but big problem for children that starts at an early age and can progress into a full blown addiction by early adolescence. There are many different social factors that play a role in the exposure and development of an addiction from the time drugs are first exposed; to the time it becomes an actual habit. Things like family, school, friends, and community all contribute to why children may or may not end up engaging in rebellious behaviors or by making unhealthy decisions with no thought of the consequences. Some children are raised with both parents, some with only one, many with their grandparents, in foster care, or with some other relative. There are factors like siblings, environment, self image and personality that are beyond any child’s control which can either support or damage a child’s development as they grow into adulthood. The first influence in middle childhood is family. When it comes to exposure or prevention of drug use, it all starts at home within the family dynamic. “Research shows that development is influenced not so much by changes in family arrangements as by the ways in which interpersonal relations take place within the family” (Bukatko, 2008).

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