Teenage Drug And Alcohol Use Essay

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Introduction I chose to do my final project on teenage drug and alcohol usage. I decided on this topic because I am interested in learning the number of adolescents that are involved in drugs and alcohol and how those people became mixed up in that world. Someday I hope to counsel young teens and adolescents on their addictions and find out how they got involved. I hope to find out if parents of teenagers talk to their children about the dangers and the high risk of becoming addicted to a substance. Also, I am interested in finding out initially where teens get there drugs and alcohol and what kinds of drugs are being used today within that age group. The major thing I hope to gather from this research is what causes and tempts adolescents to use and be involved in these illegal activities. In order for me to obtain data, my goal for this project is to interview 4 adolescents ranging from the ages12 to 18, two girls and two boys. I also plan on observing 3 adolescent girls who are all 17 and 18 years old. For my final activity I chose to do another observation at the Wayside bar. By participating in these activities I hope to accomplish positive findings and gain more knowledge on teenage drug and alcohol usage. Literature Review Approximately 66% of youths who drank alcohol heavily within the past month were also past month users of illicit drugs (“The teen drug scene”, 2005). This number is shockingly high. It doesn’t surprise me that both alcohol users are also using drugs but the fact that 66% of the adolescents today are putting their selves in danger of many things such as addiction. Over 23 million Americans are addicted to alcohol or other substances (Egan, 2008). If addiction is such a big problem in today’s society why don’t we teach our children at a younger age about the risks of these dangerous substances? Teenagers whose parents talk to

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