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Well I am 16 and I will admit that there are quite a few moments when I(JOSH) feel the same way. This is because when we, today’s teenagers, from the time that we are born until the time before we reach the ‘teenage’ we listen to our parents and adored them totally. Then we finally start seeing that our parents are not perfect and as we frequently say "don't know anything'. We may think we are on top of things because we watch MTV or VH1, but parents aren't as clueless as many of us think. Plus, adults know more about the real world. No, we do not have the life experience behind us to qualify ourselves as ‘wise’ in any area. Age means experience, experience means wisdom. They've been in the world longer, seen more in their lifetime, the answer should be obvious. I am certainly more street-wise than my parents and probably will be because times are different. Things will be totally different again in another 20 years and I'm sure what our children grow up to be will shock us. I believe that I am smarter, but I can’t explain why. But teenagers think they can make it easy by saying that their I.Q is above 150, but they possibly cannot be as experienced as their parent. I think it's an individual thing. Some teenagers are wise beyond their years and pay more attention to the world around them. True, adults do have the experience that teenagers do not, but some adults would rather get caught up in their jobs and personal lives rather than pay attention to the world. So in general, some people are more worldly wise than others, it's not a teenager vs. adult debate, but an individual vs. another individual. It depends upon what we mean by "worldly wise". If we mean do they know more about the latest gadgets available to listen to music and watching videos or they are more knowledgeable about the latest trends and fashions then in most cases teenagers are

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