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Teen Violence BCOM/275 July 23, 2014 1. Analyze the reliability, credibility, and validity of the data used by the author. 2. Identify any logical fallacies in the argument. When thinking about teen violence it hits home for my wife’s family they are all too familiar with this subject. Just a few months ago our cousin’s youngest son was murder although he was 20 years of age his friend that was killed with him was 19 years old. This is the second tragic incident we have had in the past few years. My argument is that we are placing all the blame on the teens and they are not the only ones we need to look at. While more police officer maybe needed this is not due to just teen violence. I believe in order to stop teen violence it doesn’t just start with the teens. I remember when, I was a child society solely blamed the parents. Now looking back society also, says things where not as bad as they are now but as an adult I see things as being a bit different as they are now or so we thought. Looking at back then it might have been just as bad but by not knowing it did not seem as bad. However, those days are past and from all the information outlets we have today it is out of control. I think by allowing some people in our society and not saying any particular group, race, color or creed. To have access to such material is not good for us as a whole society. Which could start a whole new argument for example who would say which person or persons would be less likely or more likely to comment violent acts because they played a video game or seen this act out in a movie or etc. There are some statements in this article that are facts and there are some that sounds to me that people just want to pass the buck. I could go on about what, I do not agree with in this report totally because of my own theories and the way I raised my children they played video

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