Teen Violence Essay

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There is a frightening thing called violence. (Vio-lence: n. physical force, pugnaciousness, pugnacity, aggression, fighting, savagery, brutality, cruelty, sadism, bloodshed, carnage) There is something more frightening then violence, it is putting one word in front of it. That word would be “Teen”, and together the words make “Teen Violence” and yet there is but one thing that is more frightening and or terrifying then “Violence” and “Teen Violence” and that would be what causes it. There are various things that cause “Teen Violence” and what actually makes it so terrifying is that most of the time we don’t notice little things and unnoticeable things are influencing or causing “Teen Violence”. Drugs cause “Teen Violence”. Peer Pressure causes “Teen Violence”. Stress also can Cause violence among teens. But something’s that cause violence among teens may not be as noticeable. There are a large number of un noticeable influences among teens like the media, what we say and what people around us say, Television also influences teens to become violent at times by what they see there celebrity idols doing and if they see them doing violent things they would be influenced to do the same. Music influences teens, the lyrics in some songs can be extremely influential because teens idolize there favorite bands singers and rappers if they here in the lyrics that there favorite rapper went out and shot someone or popped a fight with a thug (even if its not true) they would want to do the same because they look up and want to be just like there idols. Video games play a large roll in causing teen violence. Also you may not see it at first but where teens live and there surroundings effect them extremely. They might feel the need to be violent because the people they live around are constantly in fights or they might not like the people they live around and the person that they

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