Teen Violence Essay

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Teenage Violence Within The Black Community We live in a world where African Americans are killing each other because of the violence within our community. Some types of such violence is rape, domestic abuse, self-hatred, and often gang related. There once was an old saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” Times have changed and in the world we live in today, people are afraid to speak up to other’s children because it may start an altercation. Not only could the parent become offended but in this generation, the child would also try to speak on their behalf. Violence has become widespread and very much uncontrollable in most communities and I believe its because people have become selfish and careless. The fact that most crimes are being committed by teens proves that there is starting to be a lack of parental supervision and guidance as well. Some children have to raise themselves and because they have a lack of positive influences or a positive role model, children do not know where to turn. Children learn and mimic the actions in their environment. If a child sees their mom out partying and not caring about herself or others and often find that their father is nowhere to be found then that child is emotionally and physically unstable when they finally enter the world. Allowing an unstable child into a world already filled with violence, is like placing a helium balloon in a needle stack. Sure the balloon will last for a little while but it will eventually hit the fine point of one of the needles. As well as for the troubled child in a troubled world, sure they will last for a while but eventually they will run into that bad influence that has been lurking the corners for them. The luxuries of the world are often the ‘bad influence” of teens. With all of the name brand shoes, clothes, and jewelry this world has to offer, its often hard

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