Teen Violence Essay

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Are Television, Movies and Music Responsible for Teen Violence? Television, movies and music are not responsible for teen violence. Teens have their own mind and make their own decisions, so they need to take responsibility for their actions. Their parents, surroundings and what they believe in, may contribute to their violence, but the media is not responsible. 100% is the parents fault. If a parent has a teen, they should be aware of what the teen is doing. If the teen doesn’t have any guidance, they will have the feeling that what they do is alright when the reality is that it isn’t. A simple phone call or a text to see where your teen is can prevent some violence, even though we cant prevent everything because a teen has their own mind, but it will help. A teens surrounding can also contribute to their violence. Where they live, the people they hang out with can influence them on what they do and their decisions. If teens see something that their friends are doing and they know it is wrong, they will still to do it because they don’t want to be the out cast of their group of friends. Now a days, teens don’t think straight. Their beliefs in life and what a teen might think is right or what is “cool” has a big part on teen violence. Teens that think fighting is cool or think that you need to fight to show how strong you are or to even get respect, need a reality check. They don’t realize that violence can really hurt somebody or god forbid, kill some one . In conclusion, the media should not be blamed for teen violence because as said there are many different reasons why teens express them selves the way that they do. It’s not because they have seen it on TV or in movies or because they hear it in the music they listen to, it is because of the things that they believe in and what they think is right or

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