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Matt Oduaran 12/5/08 ENG 101 – Mchale Final position paper (final) Independence or morals? Adolescent Suicide and the Effect it Has Teenagers are at a vulnerable and rebellious age where they feel as if only they know what is best for them right now. Families and friends struggle to figure out solutions for the guarded adolescents but nothing garners success. Penetrating questions, thoughtful ideas, and considerate acts are no match for the teenager’s mindset. But is the problem evident? Is the answer right in front of their face? When a teenager shuts themselves away from everything, something else is going on behind the scenes, something that is uncomfortable and painful to express or reveal. Although independence as well as personal decision making is important for the development of an adolescent, suicide is a part of a process that should never be reached because of the immorality of the act and the plethora of prevention techniques available. A teenager should never come to the conclusion of taking their own life no matter the reason or situation. It symbolizes mental weakness, an unethical mindset, as well as disjoint within a family or support system that may affect everyone connected. “A clever, popular boy from a loving, suburban home in Washington DC, Brent was 13 when his depression took hold. Soon he was dressing in black and talking endlessly about death. He began to experiment with ways to kill himself. And then one day a high school prank went wrong. Convinced he would be expelled; he went home, soaked his bathrobe in petrol, slipped it over his shoulders and struck a match. No reader of this magazine needs me to tell them what happens when people lose 85 percent of their skin” (Newnham 32) Suicide with teenagers is a rapidly growing problem in the United States today. According to

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