Teen Suicide Essay

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Unfortunately, teen suicide has been on the rise throughout the years and is now becoming a serious problem. Often times a teen's sexual orientation causes him/her to turn to suicide. In order to show how this is true, three things must be examined. First, many teens often are teased and/or bullied significantly for their sexuality and it makes them become despondent and soon suicidal. Second, several teens have internalizing problems with accepting the way they are. Most feel it is morally wrong and have trouble dealing with it; this ultimately leads them to suicidal thoughts or suicide itself. Finally, many teens suffer from not being accepted by their families or close friends for their sexuality, and this often leads them into a depression and then suicide. After examining these three ideas, it will be clear to see that a teen's sexual preference affects them deeply, and many lead to suicide. Sadly, in our society many people get tormented for being of a different sexual preference then everyone else. Many teens are bullied and constantly picked on everyday for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. There are many ways in which they could be bullied, such as mental, physical, emotional, verbal, etc. "A national survey of 760 students ages twelve to seventeen indicates that the most likely group to be bullied is "kids who are gay or thought to be gay"(Youth Who Are Bullied Based upon Perceptions). Every year more and more stories pop up including teens who committed suicide because they were consistently harasses for being gay. In one story an eighteen year old Rutgers University freshmen killed himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge after finding out his roommate filmed him and his partner while they were alone in his room. Releasing this to everyone on twitter to go watch the video was a major invasion of privacy and a hate crime against

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