Teen Suicide Essay

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A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem One in thirteen high school students attempt suicide. Boys and girls from ages 15-24 try to seek the end of their unhappiness by killing themselves. They’ll use methods such as hanging, suffocating, overdosing on pills, and shooting. The suicide of a teenager is one of the saddest tragedies a family will ever have to bear (“Preventing Teen Suicide”). Before attempting to end their lives, teens show symptoms, they have rational reasons for wanting their lives to end, and there are ways of preventing suicide from happening. On the outside, a kid might seem just fine, but on the inside they’re completely different. The leading warning sign one might have before committing suicide is depression (Mitchell 25). They show a loss of energy, they feel hopeless and worthless, they lose interest in everyday activities, and they withdraw from their lives. They just don’t feel like themselves anymore. They also don’t want to be here on Earth anymore. When you’re depressed, staying alive can be as hard as finding the cure for cancer (“Teen Suicide: When the blues get out of control”). Another symptom is having many drastic changes. They eat and sleep less frequently or more often. Their grades drop. They don’t look or act the same. Changing shows that the person doesn’t care. Before killing themselves, teens might have negative thoughts or actions. They might think of themselves badly. That could result in eating disorders, perfectionism, or other mental issues. Teens might have substance abuse. Drinking, smoking, and doing drugs can cause you to make bad decisions. People could have a sudden obsession with death before choosing death (“Teen Suicide: When the blues get out of control”). A lot of people show traits when they are on the edge of committing suicide. Young people often see suicide as the end of their problems, not

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