Teen Suicide Essay

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Teen Suicide What is teen suicide and how it effect to the people from 17-25 years old? Why do so many young people attempt suicide? In order to tell you more about teen suicide, I’ll tell you know about symptoms of teen suicide. On of the symptoms is a behavior change – warning signs can include changes in eating or sleeping patterns, withdrawal from friends and family, drinking or dug use, loss of interest in favorite activities, or giving away valued possessions. Another symptom is personality changes – common moods involve anger, anxiety, or depression. Other changes to look for include aggressiveness, hopelessness, boredom, difficult concentrating, or an unexplained decline in school performance. The last symptom of teen suicide is health problems like headaches, weight loss or gain. Let turn to the causes of teen suicide. No causes and effect relationship has been established between suicide and the use of alcohol and drugs, but eh consumption of these agents is often a contributing factor to suicide for several reasons. The use of alcohol and drugs may lower inhibitions and impair judgment of a person contemplating suicide and therefore make the act more likely, and alcohol and drug use aggravate other risk factors for suicide such as depression. Furthermore, alcohol can be involved with suicidal behavior in a number of ways. Use prior to suicide, alcohol can ease a person’s fear of death and give him the courage to kill himself. It can be taken together with medications to increase the lethality of the drugs. Moreover, a connection between suicide and homosexuality has long been recognized in the popular culture, reflected in music, movies, theater, and other art forms. Gay men were much more likely to have attempted suicide than heterosexual men. One of the major cause of teen suicide is gun control. Gun

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