Teen suicide Essay

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At birth every person is given an opportunity to live. Some, given greater opportunities in life and some more privileged yet we are all given an equal shot at a life. It is believed that there is a universal human instinct to preserve one’s life and prolong their life as long as possible (Fuse). However, some people rebel against their natural life expectancy and intentionally kill themselves. The scary part here is that many of these people are young teenagers. What causes a young teenager so much distress that they feel that the only out is suicide? Suicide can be defined as death caused by self-inflicted, intentional injury (dictionary.com). A troubled teenage soul feels hopeless, unloved and they feel they are a useless member of society. These young people tend to feel rejected and ultimately go into a state of depression. Canada, being one of the most stable countries and safest places to live, holds a very high rate of teen suicide whereas hundreds of teens are committing suicide each year. The teenage years tend to be very distressing even though there are many wonderful opportunities. There is a grey area from teenage hood to adulthood where many of the pressures in life are thrown at once upon a youngster. The pressures to succeed in school, pressures at home, pressures at work and peer pressure and the yearning desire to become an independent member of society. Some of these pressures on teens may be blown out of proportion and they may lead to suicide. The rising number of suicide deaths among male and female teens is chilling. The upsetting part of this is that suicidal feelings are considered to be an easily treatable mental illness if the right steps are taken. Family, friends and the surrounding society must take the necessary precautions to assess when an individual seems desperate and seek immediate help for them. Family members, peers and

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