Teen Suicide Essay

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Teen Suicide Does anyone actually know what a teenager goes through in life? What they are really thinking about? It seems that teens like to keep a lot to themselves but that only makes a situation worse. Teens who attempt or commit suicide can be an outcome of depression, bullying, and even guilt. Just like Conrad’s parents in Ordinary People by Judith Guest, many are unaware of the dangers and thoughts faced by teens that could lead to suicide. It is very difficult for parents to deal with suicidal teens. When a teen attempts suicide it is a cry for help. Some parents might keep their thoughts to themselves after their teen attempted suicide. The first thing that should come to mind after a suicide attempt is to send them to some kind of counseling or therapy sessions. The counseling can also help the parents and make it easier for them to communicate with their children. It might be difficult to communicate with them after their attempt but its better to let the thoughts and feelings out instead of keeping them bottled up inside. In the novel Ordinary People by Judith Guest Conrad’s mother, Beth, does not communicate with her son. For Example, Beth says to her husband, Calvin, “Will you talk to him this morning? About the clothes. He’s got a closetful of decent things and he goes off every day looking like a bum, Cal” (Guest 7). Beth sends her husband to talk to Conrad so she does not have too. Beth does not know how to communicate with her son after his attempt to end his life. Communication is very important. It is needed for almost everything in life. What is guilt? Guilt is a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offence, crime or wrong doing. Guilt is a cause of suicide. Conrad’s attempted suicide, in the novel Ordinary People by Judith Guest, was caused by guilt. Conrad felt guilty about his brother’s death with the boating accident. He

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