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Should Teens Need Their Parent’s Consent to Get Birth Control It’s no secret most teens are having sex, and at a rising rate. It seems to be teenage years are the most common time to experiment and learn life lessons to prepare you for when you’re a grown up and your actions have bigger consequences. One very common thing teens experience with is sex, which is something very mature, and can have very serious consequences if not done safe. Birth control and condoms are very easy ways to avoid STD’s and pregnancy, but what would happened if we stopped allowing teens to have access to them unless they had their parents’ consent to have them? A study showed that about 45% of teens haven’t told their parents they are sexually active, if their supply of protection is cut off and they continue to have sex they will be facing some very serious consequences. In Maine they have allowed nurses to hand out birth control at middle schools and high schools. While this act has made some parents feel more comterable if their kid decides to be sexually active it has also really pissed some parents off. Some parents say it’s ridiculous their teens can’t go to a tanning bed but they can have access to birth control. Recently Alaska’s Supreme Court ruled that underage girls can get abortions with out there parents’ consent, this was a real blow to the parents. Governor Sarah Palin says this act is outrageous and they are just separating kids from their parents while making a huge life desion. Parents also believe if schools are handing out birth control more kids will begin to become sexually active, which is scary since most women regret having sex at such a young age. Not only may schools be encouraging sexual activity between underage minors, but it seems they have forgotten birth control may harm children’s health. The Food and Drug Administration had to ban several

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