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Teen sexually 1 Teen sex Unit 7 Project Teen sexually 2 The attitudes and values of teenagers of the 21st Century are more open and they are more sexually active then when I was growing up as a child. Teenagers today are different and start having sex at an earlier age and think nothing could ever happen to them. However, many of them are misinformed about the risks that are involved in having pre-marital sex. Most teens are not aware of the dangers of pre-marital sex. Within the school system there are many different attitudes and views in relation to sexual education being taught and is one of the most controversial subjects within the school system. Some of the pros are that children are not just learning what some of the consequences are of having unprotected and pre-marital sex, but they are learning about other sensitive issues, such as, sexual health, sexual reproduction, and about his or her sexuality, issues that parents often feel uncomfortable talking about. Additionally, myths surrounding sex can dispelled, children can be taught the correct language, instead of the slang, and they can be taught about sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the con’s are teachers are sometimes not trained to teach sex education, many schools do not teach abstinence, but teach children how to protect themselves and that could cause problems for parents. It seems that most parents have strong opinions and they are either sturdily against or sturdily in favor of sex education being taught in the schools. Most of the parents do not have any idea what sex education entails and therefore cannot make an informed decision. It is the schools responsibility to know what is best for the children and they must continue to offer sex education classes for the students. Having open forums with the parents and students would allow for discussion of the pros and cons

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