Teen Pregnancy Prevention Plan

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Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Plan PSY 225 May 18, 2014 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Plan Teenage pregnancy is a very serious issue in society today. An unexpected pregnancy can be difficult for teens when it comes to raising a baby. When it comes to preventing a teen from becoming pregnant it takes some doing on everyone that is involved in his or her lives. When it comes to teenage pregnancy prevention plan it is often something that is asked on how this can happen. There are many ways in which a teenage pregnancy can be prevented. The most popular solution would be NOT to have sex as a teen. Having “safe sex” is another way to prevent a pregnancy of a teen. Making sure that all teens have the access of a sexual education class in their early years, such as in middle school will help in detouring them from wanting to have sex, especially after being educated about what happens when someone has sex. As well as knowing the facts of how it can change their lives forever. Teenage pregnancy is very serious especially when it comes to an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. It can be very difficult for a teen in many ways such as * Change of goal * Not finishing high school * Not continuing their education * Responsibilities of being a parent * The risk of the pregnancy * The baby not being healthy * Personal values when it comes to having sex * Abstinence * Communication with parents and other adults * Avoiding places that are tempting to want to have sex Just because teens are having sex does not mean that they are having safe sex. It affects them emotionally and physically. This is why it is important to provide teens with alternate choices of not becoming a parent at such a young age. Some things that can be taken into consideration are * Use of contraception * Use condoms * IUD’s When it

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