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Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Teen Pregnancy
                                                        Unit 6 Project  
                                                        Lakesha Artis

  a. Why is there so much teen pregnancy?
  b. Teens having sex and not knowing the consequences behind it
  II. Teens need support and the proper knowledge
  a. Protection
  b. Proper protocol
  c. Guidance
  III. Major effects of teen pregnancy
  a. Child may be raised by single parent
  b. Parent may drop out of school
  c. May become pregnant again
  IV. Challenges of teenage pregnancy
  a. Have to find a job early
  b. Teenage years are cut short
  V. Conclusion
Teenage pregnancy is a major concern in today’s society; teenagers are forced to become adults before their time.

Why is teenage pregnancy such a relevant topic in today’s society? There are many reasons as to why teenage pregnancy is so prevalent including peer pressure from a significant other, friends, siblings, or other family members that may already be engaging in sexual activity. Teenagers often become involved in crowds where sex is viewed as something special or something that may make you more appealing to their peers that may give them a sense of pride and confidence. Unfortunately, most teenagers really do not know the consequences of having sex and the many issues that may arise as a result.   Some teenagers feel like getting pregnant is something they hear about, but not something that could happen to them. The best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to educate them about the consequences of what will happen if they do have sex and get pregnant ("Missionaries of the," ).
If teenagers get the proper knowledge about sex, maybe they will understand the importance of abstaining from sex, or, if they feel that they must have sex, the importance of using protection. Many teens use the excuse that sex feels better...

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